For any budget

Price list

Wardrobe Consultation

£ £190 190

  • up to 3 hours session
  • how to combine your hidden treasures
  • Many ready to wear outfits for any occasion
  • special digital lookbook

Personal Shopper

£ £190 190

  • stylish, easy to wear pieces for any budget
  • each cloth specially chosen for your body shape, skin tone, hair, and eye colour.
  • We can help you to buy the perfect outfit or create a new capsule wardrobe

Online Styling Consultation

£ £140 140

  • 2 hours Skype consultation will evaluate your closet
  • wardrobe ready for every occasion and build especially for you.

Digital personal shopper

£ £150 150

  • Pre-shopping conversation, to focus our style hunt on your needs, brand preferences and budget.
  • Up to 10 different head to toe outfits, beautifully arranged in a digital lookbook, received at your email.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”

Lauren Hutton Lauren Hutton

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