The Parisian style Accessory Everyone Is Wearing This Fall

The Parisian style Accessory Everyone Is Wearing This Fall

Beyond the official military use of the beret, this hat is a symbol of Parisian style. In our day to day life, this simple wool topper can make quite a strong and feminine statement. From the classic Brigette Bardot look, where the Parisian actress proves the beret is more than sophisticated, to the Duchess Kate Middleton outfits with a beret - always effortlessly chic. This fall Dior collection was all about this same accessory.

One of the other reasons to wear a beret is that they’re so versatile. You can wear one low on the back of your crown like your favorite beanie or you can wear it fluffed up on top of your head. You can wear your beret slanted to the side with a chic braid or you can have it dip over your face for a mysterious vibe.

Then there are lots of the different outfits you can finish off with a beret. A beret may be a practical option for the cold weather, but you don’t need to limit wearing it to when you’re outside. A jaunty beret works with almost anything, from casual looks to coats to your fancy clothes.

See below classic looks and some of our favorite berets for this Fall/Winter!

Bardot with beret
Classic Brigette Bardot look

Kate with Beret

dior fall


beret style

beret look from outfiter

Dior style with berets

red beret

outfit with beret


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