The 1 item every working woman should own

The 1 item every working woman should own

If you were to open your closet right now, most of it is probably dedicated to your clothes for work. Amongst your smart skirts and trousers, do you have the one piece designers and stylist believe in? According to more than 90 percent of them, the number one item for every working woman is the classic white shirt.

There’s no piece quite as classic as a white shirt.

It makes you look beautiful and elegant. You can wear it with jeans, a pencil skirt, and even a pair of sweatpants. Everybody should own at least a few of them. To add a little twist to this classic look for this season you could play with the proportions and layer it in an unexpected way or choose a piece with oversized sleeves.

You could impress your colleagues combining your white shirt with a statement skirt, or layer it under a sleeveless dress, or simply tuck a smart style into relaxed denim. For extra polish, you could pair it with black trousers.

white shirt with skirt

white shirt 



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