Let Purple Reign Again

Let Purple  Reign Again

Let Purple and lilac reign again - in prints and florals on dresses, skirts, coats, and bags, it's chic, sophisticated feminine and luxurious!

From more unorthodox takes through to tried-and-tested iterations in blouses, dresses, earrings etc. we've sifted through the lot to bring you an edited selection of the freshest, most chic, most gorgeous and most worthy of a spot in your repertoire. And the good news? It's looking like designers and high street brands are hooked on re-creating purple looks in the most exciting ways.

Find below 10 gorgeous purple items from Mango, Zara, Assos, and Massimo Dutty, which will elevate your wardrobe and won't break the bank.


purple dress


floral dress

lilac coat

mango boots

purple earrings

lilac sweatshirt




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