Dress to impress: dress over jeans

Dress to impress: dress over jeans

What is the most elegant and fresh way to impress with your outfit right now? If you are aiming for ‘dress to impress’ there’s only one answer: to wear a dress over jeans. It’s really cool, effortlessly chic and fits perfectly with any body shape. During the hot summer days you could choose a silk dress in bold colors like bright pink, blue etc. or put on an elegant floral or structure one. If you want to look more sophisticated the dress should be below your knee, but a side slit could elongate your figure. Furthermore, to enhance your dress game you could add a layering, to do so you can wear a slip dress over tee or polo shirt above your jeans or put on a surprising top over for dress.

See below some of our favorite combinations :)

white dress over jeans

pink dress over jeans with slit

dress layring

dress layering over leans

black dress with jeans

dress over ripped jeans



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