Brighten your winter days with the perfect bright coat

If you are looking for an instant boost of sophistication for your winter wardrobe but also want to boost your confidence and just feel good even in the darkest months throughout the year, December and January, there’s one easy solution. Just choose a bright colour warm coat and we can guarantee you that this one cloth will be with you day after day as your best friend. You wouldn’t want to take it off even when you’re back home just because it will brighten your days both literally and metaphorically speaking:)

The Queen of the elevated basic for the winter

If you want to feel warm during this really cold weeks and at the same time to look gorgeous and chic the perfect choice is to put on a turtleneck.

How to hide from the Arctic cold with style

When the arctic wind is just outside the front door of your home it’s hard to think of a style over a comfort cozy down coat. But just in line with our wishes the puffer jackets, or even oversized quilted coats has never been more stylish, chic and on the edge of the last designers' trends.

Let Purple Reign Again

Let Purple and lilac reign-in prints and florals on dresses, skirts, coats, and bags, it's chic, sophisticated feminine and luxurious! From more unorthodox takes through to tried-and-tested iterations in blouses, dresses, earrings etc.

The key update to transform your boring work outfit

With a few hours left till the beginning of September, the most discouraging thing is to look at our boring office wardrobe, imagining that we have to wear it in the months ahead.

The 9 best ways to wear floral dress this fall

Once fall officially arrives you could easily transform any floral dress into your favorite autumn look. If you want to elevate your classic office look wear your dress with bright (red) sock boots and blazer or dress it down with your favorite sneakers.

The perfect sunglasses for any face shape this summer

Summer is in the air, sand, sun, shorts, and our favorite holiday accessory sunnies! Very much like in clothing fashion, right now the trend in sunglasses is a mix between retro vintage with 70s cat-eye, round, and colored frames and futuristic mirrored sunglasses, double-rimmed, and unique shapes.

The 1 item every working woman should own

If you were to open your closet right now, most of it is probably dedicated to your clothes for work. Amongst your smart skirts and trousers, do you have the one piece designers and stylist believe in? 

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